Formed in 2001, SBA are a four-piece Alternative/Deathrock/Goth band based in York, England. Their music represents a rather eclectic range, but is characterised by the combination of guitars and intertwining male and female vocals. With a sound varying from tongue in cheek humour and rockabilly to sombre ballads and more traditional Gothic sounds, influences include bands such as The March Violets, The Horatii, The Cramps, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and New Model Army. The Screaming Banshee Aircrew released their first self-financed album, "No Camping" in late 2001, followed by the live video "The Screaming Banshee Video Showcase". 2003 saw the launch of their second self-financed album "Titanic Verses", coinciding with an appearance at the Edinburgh Gothic Weekend in February and a subsequent appearance supporting The Cruxshadows in Leeds. Going from strength to strength, 2004 has seen the Screaming Banshee Aircrew playing with a number of high-profile European and U.S. acts, along with appearances at the Beyond The Veil festival in Leeds, Morecambe Gothic Festival, the Malediction festival and Rathaus. Their latest album, "Fishnet Messiah" was released worldwide in October 2004 on the Resurrection Records label and has been very well received. To date, the Screaming Banshee Aircrew have played with a variety of well known Goth/Deathrock acts, including The Descendents of Cain, Synthetic, The Sepia, The Ghost of Lemora, The Scary Bitches, Libitina, The Way of all Flesh, Psychophile, Faetal, 616 Abortions, Deathboy, Devilish Presley, The Sleeping Children, The Cruxshadows, Romeo Burns, Deathcamp Project, Manuskript, Skeletal Family, ASP, The Last Dance, Antiworld and Bella Morte. With worldwide radio and playlist exposure, and firmly established as one of the UK's emerging Gothic/Deathrock talents, the Screaming Banshee Aircrew intend to expand their activities into the US and Europe in 2005

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